Miles through Los Angeles to describe your plan for Gobier at a global conference

Javier Milei at Florida International University during his last year of life in Estados Unidos

(From Washington, Estados Unidos) Javier Milei played in Los Angeles to describe your program of Gobierno and your world at the global conference of the Instituto Milken, a curator with A lot of influence on the coast of the Unidos States.

The director’s moderator, Milei podría tener encuentros with the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk j Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA. With Musk, the dialogue that took place in Austin continued, and his hubo was perfect in economics, finance and technology.

Miles use official aviation that Alberto Fernández made Patricia Bullrich’s recommendation before the conclusion of his mandate, elevar los niveles the protection of the president. El jefe de Estado hace a defensive cerrada now that the Israeli army is eradicating Hamas in Gaza, and the Minister of Seguridad recommends this Avoid commercial competitions for the Middle East crisis.

Nicolas Posse, jefe de Gabinete; Luis Caputo, Minister of Economy; Karina Milei, Secretaria General de la Presidencia, y Gerardo Werthein, embajador in Estados Unidos, integrates the official delegation. It is a harbinger that the presidency will happen an extension of approximately 60 hoursbut Milei has shown that his agenda is on the outside puede suprir cambios inesperados.

And la tarde del seis de mayo, Miles are described in Los Angeles, Gobierno’s program and the geopolitical mirror of the world. The president received a jornada who completed his dissertation Kristalina Georgievadirector director of FMI; Illan Goldfjan, titular of BID; Chris Doddespecially from Joe Biden for América Latina, y Mohammed El-Kuwaiz, President of the Junta Directiva del Mercado de Capitales de Arabia Saudita.

President Javier Milei is announced on the agenda of the global meeting organized by the Instituto Milken

If you are a presidential President, Milei has his agenda propia en acotada. In this case it may be the case Musk and Infantino, mientras que the Posse-Caputo tandem se committed to loose inversores extranjeros that you participate in the worldwide meeting the director of GeorgievaYou will hesitate to use an extra desembolso from the FMI to get the best deal.

The Instituto Milken convocatoria for the global meeting are here leitmotif “dar forma a future compartido”and your explanation of the motives reflects the actual situation of the international table: “Hoy nos enfrentamos a cuestiones críticas, because of a geopolitical peligrosapasando due to the climatic crisis the complete artificial intelligence, and we must explore its potential and impact in trade, business and global mercados.”

In this context, Milei insists the ideological perspective that you are part of the discussions that are taking place in Davos, the Conferencia de Política de Acción Conservadora (CPAC) and the Universidad Internacional de Florida (FIU). The president has criticized the state’s intervention merchandise solver, soslaya in the political class as is clear with society and one thing defense and ultranza de la Escuela Austríaca.

“Free-enterprise capitalism It is a herramienta that is tenemos para terminar con el hambrethe population and the indigenous people are a big part of the planet,” argumentó Milei in Davos.

“The neoclassical economics of the mercado trap It is functional in advance and because it destroys economic growth, one of the best things can be created and counteracted at the cost,” the mandate is given to the CPAC.

Y completely your perspective with this sentence -casi de arrabal- some improvisation during your conference at the Universidad de Florida: “Soy a cisne nigger; llegué porque hubo una triple carambola”, dijo Milei pursued by Antonio Gramsci, Benito Mussolini, Adolfo Hitler, John Maynard Keynes and Joseph Stiglitz.

Si no hay cambios en la agenda presidencial, Miles regresa on May 7.