Gippy Grewal says people ‘burned my effigies’ when ‘Angrezi Beat’ came out; he would wonder if it was punishment for past misdeeds | Bollywood News

Singer-actor Gippy Grewal, who is currently promoting his upcoming film Shinda Shinda No Papa, recently spoke about Punjabi artists who glorify violence through their music. Gippy said that when he first became extremely popular with his song “Angrezi Beat” he faced backlash from a certain section of the audience, some of whom also burned his effigies as a sign of protest.

When asked about the controversies that erupt after the release of a particular song or movie, Gippy said that not just punjabi artists, even Bollywood artists are going through the same thing. He said that during his morning prayers he wonders if he made a mistake by hurting the people who get offended. “If I’m going through a bad time, it’s punishment for what I must have done: I must have hurt someone. I pray I don’t say or do anything to hurt anyone,” he told Film Companion.

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He then recalled that in 2010-2011, he enjoyed immense admiration but also received criticism from a certain section. “This started in 2010-2011, ‘Angrezi Beat’ came out and the world danced to it, and there were also people burning my effigies. I didn’t understand if I was right or wrong,” he said. When asked about the songs that glorify violence, Gippy said that while his music is not too heavy with violence, he completely understands what other artists go through. “The audience tells the artists what to make, and those songs work with them,” he said.

When asked if there are any topics in his music that he would not like to address, Gippy said he would not talk about religion or make racist songs. He also said that if the audience rejects something, he doesn’t blame them for not understanding it. In fact, he wonders if this wasn’t the case.

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