Kevin Abstract Shares ‘Tennessee’ Collaboration With Lil Nas

Finally, Kevin Abstract and Lil Nas Fans have been waiting for years for a song featuring the two, and this one has finally materialized. Tonight (May 3), Abstract shared his new single “Tennessee,” featuring Lil Nas

Abstract first teased “Tennessee” last month at Coachella, where he brought out Lil Nas The two queer rappers each have a special someone in mind on the song. Abstract competes for a man’s attention by working on his fitness and his style.

“Never been to a place like this / Never met someone like him / Getting my reps in the gym / Skinny queen, I’m getting slim / I’m the God of my life like a sim / Walk around this bitch with a limp, ” raps Abstract in the opening of the song.

Meanwhile, Lil Nas

‘Tryna gets you going / Tryna gets you on your toes / Nice mink fur coat / Boy, you f*ckin’ with a real one / I know I’m bad, I’ve been told / I know I’m beautiful and rich ,” Lil Nas X raps on his verse.

You can listen to ‘Tennessee’ above.