7 Netflix premieres you can’t miss, coming in May 2024

Unfrosted A new taste of comedy

7 Netflix premieres you can't miss, coming in May 2024Kicking off the list is Jerry Seinfelds directorial debut, Immature, which hits Netflix on May 3. The comedy is based on the invention of the Pop-Tart, filled with sweet competition in the cereal industry in the 1960s. Immediately star-studded ensemble with Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan and Hugh Grant teases Seinfeld, Imagine the sugar-based grain culture of Kellogg’s in the mid-1960s in Battle Creek, MI. That’s an atmosphere I could work with.

A glimpse into the luxury of the super-rich in Korea

7 Netflix premieres you can't miss, coming in May 2024Launching on May 7, Super rich in Korea delves into the lives of Seoul’s wealthiest. From extravagant parties to high-stakes drama, this series offers an insightful look at luxury and opulence like few others. Viewers get a glimpse of the vast wealth through personal stories of purchasing lavish homes and multimillion-dollar private jets.

Mother of the bride Pure wedding chaos

7 Netflix premieres you can't miss, coming in May 2024On May 9, dive into the wedding preparations that went wrong Mother of the bride. This rom-com, starring Brooke Shields, combines drama with humor as unexpected contacts from the past surface just before a big wedding in exotic Thailand.

Bridgerton Season 3 Wonderfully romantic

7 Netflix premieres you can't miss, coming in May 2024Bridgerton‘s highly anticipated season 3 has arrived May 16. Fans can look forward to unraveling new layers in Penelope’s storyline as she searches for love that may be off Colin Bridgerton’s radar. The season promises the same mix of passion and intrigue that fans love.

Atlas crosses new science fiction boundaries

7 Netflix premieres you can't miss, coming in May 2024Jennifer Lopez stars as Atlas Shepherd, data analyst turned hero, in this gripping sci-fi drama released May 24. Deeply rooted in themes of trust in artificial intelligence, Atlas must ally with a robot after a mission goes wrong, creating a rollercoaster survival scenario.

Epic storyline is revealed in Eric

Showcasing the amazing acting talent of Benedict Cumberbatch, Erik, airing May 30, features a dark journey through loss and hope as Cumberbatch’s character searches for his missing son. The limited series combines real-life drama with elements of the psychological thriller, making for an intense viewing experience.