SANTIAGO: Galería explores a exdirectores del Cabral y Báez |


The acto de reconocimiento

SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS. – The direction of the Regional Hospital José María Cabral y Báez (HRJMCB), an institution that treats residents of the 14 provinces of the Northern Region, is developing the «Galeria fotografica de pasados ​​​​directores».

With the idea that the HRJMCB has a permanent home for his housemates and that he must lead the return from the destination of the hospital to another level of his foundation.

The activity realized in the entry of an external consultation office and the taking of photos of the galenos takes into account the presentation of exdirectores, who receive the authorization to repurpose their pass to the direction of the institution, which is considered first the future medicines from the Cibao region.


During the ceremony, the director, Doctor Bernardo Hilario, expressed his satisfaction with the reunion of the exdirectivos, that algunos would become their profesores in the university universities.

People, who think that this is some kind of function realized for love, are charges that require a lot of compromises and time.

“…If you spend a great deal of time sacrificing and undertaking, it becomes the fruit you use; The Cibao region has a hospital that provides healthcare representation involving Doctor Hilario.

In the active activities of the Board of Directors, doctors, colleagues and friends, elogy is started.

The activities are offered by the young saxophonist Isis Estrella, and moderated by the periodical Javier Taveras.


Between 1969 and 2000, the study of the medical institution was Octavio Almonte Fermín (fallecido), Frank Joseph Thomen, Rafael Estévez Reyes, Máximo Rodríguez, Francisco Bencosme, Nancy Betances, Víctor García Santos and Francisco Estephan.

También, Daniel Espinal, Daniel Rivera, Andrés Rivas, Nelson Báez Noyer, Rolando Báez and Ernesto Rodríguez.


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