L’Oréal Paris China has teamed up with McCann to reinterpret the famous slogan

THE WHAT? L’Oreal Paris China has teamed up with McCann China and a range of celebrities to tell the story behind the brand’s infamous slogan. The brand has also invited a range of ordinary Chinese women to share their interpretation of the ‘I’m Worth It’ slogan.

THE DETAILS According to a report published by Marketing Interactive, celebrities participating in the campaign include Gong Li, Tiffany Tang, Ju Xiaowen and Naran. The campaign consists of a series of posters and short films that will be released over time.

THE WHY? Lily Li, Managing Director of DMI, L’Oréal Paris China, told Marketing Interactive: “I am worth it. It has become an enduring part of public discourse and evokes the collective contemplation of self-worth. This statement embodies the core values ​​that L’Oréal Paris has consistently upheld throughout its journey.

“Through this initiative, we want to revisit the various transformations of women’s roles in society since the inception of I’m Worth It and hope to encourage more Chinese women to confidently express their own beliefs in I’m Worth It to confirm.”