Rosie O’Donnell joins season 3 of ‘And Just Like That’ and everyone goes crazy

Rosie O'Donnell

And just like that, Rosie O’Donnell returns to our TV screens!

The queer hollywood legend revealed on wednesday that she is joining the cast of the Sex and the city spinoff, announcing the news on Instagram with a photo of the season 3 premiere script. It appears the queer icon will play a character named “Mary” and the episode title will be “Outlook Good” .

We certainly agree! As of Thursday morning, the post has nearly 18,700 likes.

In addition to the script, Rosie shared a selfie. The groundbreaking comedian has long hair for the role, and to quote Samantha Jones, she looks “fantastic”!

Simultaneously loved and loathed by fans and critics alike, And just like that rediscovered the soul of the original in season 2, with a lot more sex. Towards the end of the season, Carrie rekindles her decades-old romance with Aidan, though they agree to take a five-year break while Aidan’s sons finish high school (we’ll see if that lasts)!

Until then, the spin-off was based on the chaotic romance between Miranda and Che Diaz, a non-binary stand-up comedian with a biting tongue and little respect for others. Perhaps the most polarizing character in the show’s history, Che fell out of focus when their conversation with Miranda ended. They spent the last few episodes of season 2 at a vet’s office, following the cancellation of their TV pilot.

Che’s presence was no longer attached to the girls and became redundant, like many of the series’ new secondary characters. While Carrie’s real estate agent/proudly promiscuous new best friend Seema is an obvious replacement for Samantha, other new characters, like Miranda’s college professor Nya Wallace or Charlotte’s neighbor Lisa Todd Wexley, struggle to find their place. (During one episode, Nya’s storyline involved baking a cake… and nothing else.)

That’s where Rosie – we’re sorry, ‘Mary’ – should come in.

With Che and Nya both leaving the show, there’s room for a memorable new addition. As one of the most beloved queer entertainers of all time, we expect her to shine.

SATC Both fans and Rosie stans seem to agree!

Now streaming on Netflix, SATC is experiencing a resurgence, although members of Generation Z seem to be missing the point. A common criticism of the show is that Carrie and her friends are clumsy and self-indulgent, to which we say… duh!

Granted, even SATCThe show’s most devout fans would admit that there’s a lot of cringe throughout the show’s six seasons, especially regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Carrie declaring that bisexuality is a “stop on the way to gay city” and Samantha making derogatory comments during fights with black transgender sex workers are two particular low points.

But when analyzing the series, it is important to remember that it was broadcast more than 20 years ago. Cultural sensitivities were very different in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

With that in mind, AJLT has made a more concerted effort to diversify the cast, even if the attempts are clumsy. The welcome addition of Rosie signals that they can finally get it right.

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