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If you were to ask Shaquille O’Neal for advice, your first thought might be to ask about basketball or maybe even pizza. The NBA legend and sports analyst has won over foodie fans through his involvement with Papa Johns. According to Restaurant Business, Shaq even helped Papa Johns turn around after a major sales decline.

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While you’re asking about his workout tips, you might want to take Shaq’s advice when it comes to money and investing. The basketball legend has become a real entrepreneur and he sought advice from someone who knows his stuff: Jeff Bezos.

The Amazon founder has inspired many entrepreneurs of all sizes. O’Neal said some wise words from Bezos about investing helped him. According to AfroTech, O’Neal said these words have guided him when it comes to investing: “If you invest in things, it’s going to change people’s lives, you’re definitely going to get a nice return.”

O’Neal said part of that advice means looking at the product or service and deciding how it could impact the lives of users. And that’s exactly what he did: O’Neal has said he started at Papa Johns because he believed in the company and wanted to help bring about positive change in the company. He certainly faced an uphill battle: He came on board after founder John Schnatter left following his controversial and racially charged comments at company conferences.

The NBA legend said he also brings lessons from his time as an athlete to the investing table. According to Bloomberg, O’Neal said one of the biggest lessons he has learned is about teamwork and finding success with the help of others. Furthermore, O’Neal is so focused on making investments based on the ability to change lives that he doesn’t even want to hear anything financial to begin with.

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O’Neal continues to see success as an entrepreneur and investor. He is taking on new business ventures including his Big Chicken food chain. And O’Neal seems to be doing well to follow Bezos’ advice to invest in things that matter to him. CNBC reports that O’Neal has amassed a net worth of more than $400 million since retiring from the NBA in 2011.

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