Akbar V accuses Cardi B of being attacked in New York

Days after Akbar V was attacked in a club over the weekend, the Atlanta rapper shouts Cardi B accuses her of ordering the hit.

Initially, Akbar only hinted at someone who had paid to have her abused. Now she is putting a name to the alleged perpetrator. She took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, who has not addressed Ak or the incident.

“@iamcardib and up***yb***hu send guys who don’t even get off that little s**tu, it didn’t move me p***yh** come harder, your fucked up face b***h ,” Ak tweeted.

The two have been at odds for some time now. Akbar, who is close to Nicki Minaj, has called Cardi out frequently. However, it looks like Ak also has a new beef brew with GloRilla, who commented on the video of Akbar getting stomped in the club.

The Memphis rapper tweeted, “Did the girl have shell toes,” referencing her song “Yeah Glo,” where she raps, “Stomp a lil’ p***yh** with some shell toes.” Clearly, Ak took offense to that and also tweeted a few insults at her.

“@GloTheofficial shut up, yo that’s not respected, think you’re going out somewhere and I’m there, you’re a big apple, fragile head, whoa, none of that s**t is respect p*** yb***h it was a sneaker,” she wrote, before following up with another tweet claiming Glo looks like a lizard.

Considering GloRilla’s close relationship with Cardi, this is likely she is Ordinary captured in the crossfire of their feud. It seems that Ak is looking for a direct answer from Cardi, which hasn’t happened yet. In an Instagram Live detailing the chaos, Akbar called the Bronx superstar “p***y” multiple times, while also showing off a scar on her eyebrow.

“I have one scratch on my eye. You guys didn’t do any damage,” she said in the clip.