X briefly blocks Indian user’s account, Musk says ‘we must respect the laws of a country’

New Delhi, May 2 Elon Musk on Thursday said he must respect a country’s laws or else his X platform will be blocked, after an Indian user criticized the billionaire for blocking her account over a post.

Anu Bishnoi (@Anitabishnoi09) posted that her account was blocked for an hour and she had to “delete the main post to access my account.”

“It is a hypocrisy of Elon Musk who talks about freedom of speech, but on the other hand he forces people to delete posts,” she noted.

In a response, the

“Only if the court order appears to conflict with the laws of a country, as happened in Brazil, for example, do we fight it,” Musk said.

The Tesla CEO also said that “we must respect the laws of a country, otherwise our platform will be blocked.”

Last month, Musk claimed that the

The Brazilian government tried to ban X in the country and threatened to arrest its employees if their demands were not met.

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