The Barbershop thrives as a unique rock ‘n’ roll speakeasy in Las Vegas

Many Vegas locations advertise themselves as a speakeasy-style experience, but a cool secret entrance isn’t enough to establish the atmosphere. A different approach is required, together with great cocktails and unique entertainment.

These are the elements that keep us coming back to the Barbershop at the Cosmopolitan, a real, working, old-fashioned barbershop just inside the north entrance to the resort on the Strip, which playfully encapsulates an energetic and sophisticated salon with a great whiskey list and a robust, rock-leaning live music program that’s firing on all cylinders seven nights a week. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in Las Vegas.

“There are many places where you can go for that elevated lounge atmosphere. The Barbershop’s approach was to make it friendly to everyone,” said Paul Edgar, senior director of marketing at Clique Hospitality, which also operates Cosmo’s Clique Lounge. “Rock seems to connect with the most eclectic demographic, while EDM can be quite niche. Making this attractive to everyone has been a big part of the success.”

The Barbershop recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with a “5 Nights for 5 Years” party that highlighted that popular musical fun, including the signature Faded Karaoke where singers get to take the stage backed by a talented live band. What other bar can make you feel like a rock star every Tuesday night? “Everyone comes to Vegas to party, and that full band is a unique touch,” says Edgar.

Radio XX, The Regulators, The 442s, Indie Florentino, Tomlinson Brown, Mojo Juju and other local and regional acts fill the list, a rotating lineup curated by Ben Carey, a musician himself and former member of Lifehouse and Savage Garden. His artist’s perspective went a long way in establishing the Barbershop’s reputation.

“It’s clearly not a traditional cover band setup. Having someone who plays a lot of instruments and has toured all over the world gives us an extra eye that a normal booking agent wouldn’t see when it comes to what works in that room,” says Edgar. “He knows that room and that stage and is constantly scanning the city and other events looking for new talent.”

Combining rock club vibes with a Prohibition-era cocktail lounge is a special one-two punch that sets the Barbershop apart from other nightspots on the Boulevard, and it’s also managed to build quite a following among locals and industry workers – always a difficult task. assignment for a Comic Strip location.

“It’s a little different, a little off the beaten path, and the locals like that,” says Edgar.

THE BARBERSHOP TO CUT & COCKTAILS Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7434, Sunday-Wednesday, 8pm-late; Thursday-Saturday, 6pm-late.

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