Kevin O’Leary denounces protests against ‘ruining’ their careers

From Shark Tanks Kevin O’Leary claimed college protesters aren’t thinking about how the demonstrations will affect their job prospects.

Since Columbia University students gathered on campus two weeks ago, students across the country have followed suit to protest Israel’s war in Gaza. O’Leary appeared on Wednesday Laura Coates Live to explain the potential risks to their careers.

“What I don’t think we talk about enough is a tragedy that’s happening right now on an individual level,” he said. “When these protests happened in the past – and by the way, there have been student protests since the formation of America and we allow freedom of speech and protests were part of that… Most of those were shot on 16-millimeter film – the majority . Eighty, 90% of it was grainy. You can’t really get a solution; but unfortunately that is not the case for these participants in recent weeks.

“The recordings are made with 1080p and 4K video and with extremely high resolution surveillance cameras in low light, including retinal scanning. This is what’s happening with AI. So if you set something on fire, tear down a flag or fight with the police, I’m sorry, you’re destroying your personal brand.”

O’Leary then explained how employees use that technology when considering candidates for a job.

“We do

what is called a “deep dark search,” he continued. “So if you are a candidate in the executive part of a company, or a candidate of materiality, you do this. You look at their resume and say, “Let’s hire a company.” It costs about $4,800 per search and go to the dark web. All this footage you’re seeing tonight, this entire unedited film, will be there in about two weeks. So right now, if you’re out there, even in the dark, without sunglasses on (even if you’re wearing a mask), I see your eyes in 4K resolution. I know who you are.

“And unfortunately, what’s going to happen to these young people who haven’t thought about this, I’ll see your resume. You might be a great candidate, but then I find out you did this or fought the police or whatever it was. I’m going to throw that resume on the left in the trash because I know I can find someone else just as good as you, and there are tens of thousands of candidates who didn’t participate. You are destroying your future.”

Watch above via CNN