John Laurinaitis Performs U-Turn and Sides with Vince McMahon on Janel Grant Lawsuit in New Lawsuit

Trigger warning: This article contains an account of alleged sexual abuse.

Today, John Laurinaitis sided with Vince McMahon and his motion to seek arbitration regarding the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant against McMahon, Laurinaitis and WWE. In the lawsuit filed in January, Grant accused McMahon of sex trafficking, sexual assault and physical and emotional abuse. Laurinaitis has been accused of sexual assault and WWE was accused of attempting to cover up the allegations against McMahon.

The motion filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut states:

“Defendant John Laurinaitis, by and through his undersigned attorneys, respectfully requests this Court for an order of mandatory arbitration of this matter pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 USC §§ 3, 4, for the reasons more fully set forth in Defendant Vincent K. McMahon’s Motion to Compel Arbitration (Doc. 30) and Defendant McMahon’s Legal Memorandum in Support of the Motion to Compel Arbitration (Doc. 30-1), which legal arguments are advanced therein, are reproduced in their entirety and attached by Defendant Laurinaitis as if set forth herein. Defendant Laurinaitis further requests such other and further relief as the Court deems just and appropriate, and requests leave to file additional and/or other responses, defenses, counterclaims and/or to raise affirmative defenses to the plaintiff’s complaint in the event the motion for compulsory arbitration is denied.”

A new statement from Laurinaitis’ attorney Edward Brennan added: “John Laurinaitis today filed a motion fully joining and supporting Vince McMahon’s motion to compel arbitration. Mr. Laurinaitis corroborates Mr. McMahon by publicly stating that Ms. Grant’s allegations of sexual abuse and coercion in her complaint is completely unfounded. My client will do so.” fight these false allegations together with Mr. McMahon in the appropriate forum, arbitration.”

This is ultimately a turnaround for Laurinaitis, whose attorney Edward Brennan claimed in February that Laurinaitis was a victim of Vince McMahon.

Brennan said: “Mr. Laurinaitis denies the allegations in the misleading complaint and will vigorously defend these allegations in court, not in the media. Like the accuser, Mr. Laurinaitis is a victim in this case and not a predator. The truth will come to light .”

After pressed on whether Brennan actually said Laurinaitis was a victim, the lawyer added: “Read the accusations. Read the federal statute. Power, control, employment surveillance, dictatorial sexual demands with consequences if not met. Count how many times Vince exercises control over both of them in the complaint.”

Brennan then told me in April POST-wrestling and wrestling omology: “Judge (Ann) Callis (Grant’s attorney) was a learned judge and an experienced trial attorney. I expect she will ultimately recognize that Mr. Lauriniatis, like her client, is a victim in this case, and that Judge Callis will do the right thing and dismiss my client from this lawsuit. In the event that she does not, my client will clear his name and reputation in court, not in the media.”

John Laurinaitis’s about-face has prompted a statement from Vince McMahon’s attorney, Jessica T. Rosenberg, who said Wrestling: “In January 2024, Ms. Grant, a 43-year-old with a law degree, who was in love with Mr. McMahon and devastated by their breakup, filed an outrageous and false lawsuit seeking to ruin Mr. McMahon’s career and reputation. Now her false allegations slowly unraveled. Today, Mr. Laurinaitis’ attorney confirmed that his client will corroborate Mr. McMahon’s story and expose the lies in the indictment. Despite their intense efforts, Ms. Grant’s lawyers will not be able to do so to suppress the truth from coming out.”

The lawsuit filed by Janel Grant alleges that Grant was transferred to Laurinaitis in WWE’s Talent Relations department in March 2021. Following this, Grant was commissioned by Vince McMahon to produce “explicit content” for Laurinaitis and McMahon arranged a threesome between them. Laurinaitis refused to answer when Grant asked if this was the first time a threesome had been staged with McMahon and Laurinaitis.

It was further alleged that Grant was instructed to visit Laurinaitis in this hotel room before work to “help him serve himself as his ‘breakfast’.” “Forcible touching” also became a daily part of Grant’s life, the lawsuit said, when Laurinaitis was called into the office.

In addition, McMahon and Laurinaitis allegedly sexually assaulted Grant in Laurinaitis’ office, where the two executives “cornered her and pulled her between them, forcibly touching her, before eventually placing her on a table between them.” She begged them to stop. but they forced themselves on her, taking turns restraining her for the other, saying, ‘No means yes’ and ‘take it, bitch.’

John Laurinaitis quietly left WWE in the summer of 2022 due to the hush money scandal involving Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon resigned as TKO’s executive chairman in late January following Janel Grant’s filing of the lawsuit. He remains a shareholder in TKO Group Holdings, although WWE and TKO have attempted to distance themselves from the 78-year-old.

Federal authorities are still investigating McMahon over multiple sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1980s.