Here are 5 songs from (G)I-DLE that changed K-Pop

It’s been six years since (G)I-DLE debuted and they’ve only released iconic songs during their time as a group. With the genius of Soyeon behind their songs, as well as Yuqi and Minnie, (G)I-DLE have cemented their names in K-Pop history. And here are the five songs that changed the course of history.


Well, this one’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? (G)I-DLE changed the landscape of K-Pop from their first release with their mini-album I am and the iconic title track ‘LATATA.’ Full of personality and addictive melodies, this song was enough to get everyone talking about (G)I-DLE. As one of the first girl groups to debut in the 4th generation of K-Pop, they truly set the tone for what this generation would bring. (G)I-DLE is truly one of the leaders of the 4th generation, and ‘LATATA’ is enough to prove it. From their first release as a self-produced group, we knew (G)I-DLE was something special that would shake the world.

‘Oh my God’

(G)I-DLE have been nothing but bangers as a group over the years, and the truth is, you can point to any of their title tracks and even b-sides and see how they made their mark on K-Pop. forever. ‘Oh my god’ followed the same steps as them Queendom song ‘LION’ and blew everyone away with its dark theme. (G)I-DLE leaned more on the girl crush concept than ever before and still turned it into something very special and unique. Something that no one other than (G)I-DLE could replicate. And yes, they did it for the lesbians, and we will always be grateful for that.


A year had passed since the release of ‘HWAA’, (G)I-DLE returned with everything they had to write their names in history. ‘TOMBOY’ took the world by storm. The success and influence of (G)I-DLE before this title track is undeniable: they released unforgettable songs. With their participation in K/DA they even brought K-Pop to the attention of the general public. ‘TOMBOY’ was, however the stepping stone in their career. They had one chance and they changed everything. They took care of it no one she could ever forget. With a grudge and pop punk concept, (G)I-DLE brought us one of the most iconic songs of 2022 and K-Pop in general.


‘Nxde’ is a release like no other. (G)I-DLE explored women’s empowerment in a bold and daring way. The whole concept behind ‘Nxde’ was to call out men and society in general about the oversexualization of women and the double standard that exists with the way women are objectified in the media and life in general. After their success with ‘TOMBOY’ it was incredibly brave for them to follow it up with such a strong message, but that just goes to show what kind of artists (G)I-DLE are. They want their art to mean something, and with ‘Nxde’ they profiled themselves as a voice that stands up for all women. ‘Nxde’ is quite simply one of the most important releases in K-Pop.

‘Queen card’

Well, ‘Queencard’ was the queen of K-Pop in 2023 – there’s no denying that. With its fun, non-serious but powerful and truly addictive sound, ‘Queencard’ was everywhere. There was no way around it… And to be honest, we didn’t want to either. ‘Queencard’ was (G)I-DLE’s only Korean comeback in 2023, and it was enough to make them one of the shining stars of the year. The choreography, the lyrics, the music video… The stranglehold that ‘Queencard’ has on the industry can be explained in a million ways. The bottom line is that (G)I-DLE has been writing their name into the K-Pop history books for the past six years, and with the release of ‘Super Lady’ earlier this year, it’s clear there’s no stopping them .

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