Girard received the project of the Ley bus from Milei and the calificó de “hiper-regresivo” at his headquarters

Girard endorses that the goal of Milei is “the crisis in the world”, and that the project reforms “consolidate a credit of recursos for a part of the more sectors and concentrations on the adverse effects of the trabajadores and the class media”.

In a message that @cristiangirard, the red social “Vida the popular sectors”, while “they are so intact that the consumption influences are intact, which is pagan and a large part of Argentine incomes in the majority”.

Respect for this fact is that the shock of the economy started at the beginning by the government of La Libertad Avanza, with the depreciation of values, the liberation of prices, the enthusiasm of public opinion, the reporting of anniversaries and the receipt of salaries, allowing a more rapid in-depth development of the economy la desigualdad and la distribution of ingredients”.

For Girard, the gobier of Milei “is the higher phase of macrismo: va in the wrong direction, but more quickly” and “desigualdad profound”. With this feeling, it is believed that “the moratoria, the blanqueo and the significant reduction of the debt to personal lives result in an unequal distribution of the Macri reforms and the external reforms with the intervention of the FMI”.

“Milei’s project proposes a moratorium with the end of the national state that can move faster and recover financial supervision more quickly, which will recover the merchandise and fund monies. As a result, large amounts will bring more and more condolences to interests”, to confirm.

“Additional, if you have a blanqueo de ingresos evadidos en fugados, ambién with the aim of the hacer caja en lo inmediato and conseguir dolares frescoes to help with the external assets and speculadores, the adentro and the firing, directly benefit from the escapes and with minimal costs, including a premium for financing the land and the land”, consider Girard as his partner in X.

On this line, which insists that “for most people, a program for anticipating the Bienes Personales programs is created, the premium for the period 2023-2027 is paid with a reduction in costs for a given case, and a The future tributaria will be stabilized in 2038. To achieve this, it will be accompanied by the total elimination of the impuest of the transfers of countless”.

Girard thought that the gobier of Milei “secured the rule of law to the upside-down world, fundamental extranjeros and some other active activities, with a level of local courage. The argument is that the general confidence in the country and most of it has the climate of the negotiation, the encouragement of the reversals”.

Because the embargo is the ARBA warning, the level of reversal does not depend on the climate of the negotiation, but on economic growth. Entonces, the benefits for the countries and the sector concentrations expected by the projects project that is only fired in a mayoral transfer the recursos of the abajo hacia arriba, and hacia afuera”.

Girard found out that he has reformed in the provinces, “where the recovery of co-participants, where the economic activities come to an end, inevitably becomes more on provincial recursos (which is the proven results of the co-participation) national, as the local recaudatories ) and, because it is a major financial challenge to support essential guests from functional functions”.

On the last post of his hilo in national”.

“You confess the propio Milei, saying that ‘you have to deal with the fisco in all dimensions’. It is no longer what you do not want,” says Girard.