Trump says London and Paris are no longer recognizable: ‘We can’t let that happen here’

Former US President Donald Trump has sparked controversy with his comments about the cities of Paris and London, claiming that they have become “unrecognizable” because of their openness to “jihad”.

What happened: These comments were made by Trump at a campaign rally in Wisconsin. The former president, who is eyeing a comeback to the White House, expressed his disappointment with the transformation of these European cities, Politico reported.

“Look at Paris, look at London – they are no longer recognizable,” Trump said. He acknowledged that his comments could upset people in these cities, but insisted he was telling the truth.

He said: “We have an incredible culture, tradition – there is nothing wrong with their culture, their tradition – we cannot let that happen here and I will never let it happen to the United States of America.”

The comments were made in the wake of protests at Columbia University and UCLA against Israel’s war in Gaza, which were dispersed by police in New York and Los Angeles.

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Trump has a track record of criticizing European countries. In 2015, he claimed that certain neighborhoods in Paris and London were so dangerous that police refused to enter them. Despite widespread criticism, Trump stood by his statements.

Why it matters: Trump’s recent comments are consistent with his previous stance on immigration and foreign affairs. In 2019, Trump criticized the mayor of London during his state visit to the United Kingdom Sadiq Khan and highlighted London’s rising crime rates.

This year, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the current immigration situation in the United States, expressing a preference for immigrants from “nice” countries such as Denmark and Switzerland.

Additionally, Trump has been vocal about his disapproval of the president Joe Biden’s immigration policy, claiming it aids U.S. foreign adversaries and conspires to overthrow the United States.

Trump’s stance on immigration has recently become clearer, with him outlining a plan for mass deportations and emphasizing the role of local police in implementing this plan.

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