The local ministry in Pueblo is still helping people find housing after the city closed the Val U Stay Inn

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) – A ministry in Pueblo is working to find housing for people forced out of a motel due to a public health crisis.

The City of Pueblo closed the Val U Stay Inn and Suites after failing to obtain residency. The mayor said conditions at the motel on Hudson Ave. were unliveable because of the filth. The closure forced dozens of people to look for a place to stay.

A temporary housing and shelter emergency declaration was issued last Thursday. This meant that Crazy Faith Ministries could open its doors to the public to help. According to Crazy Faith Ministries director Tammy Kainz, more than a dozen people walked out last week looking for a hot meal and a place to sleep.

“They were in complete panic,” Kainz said.

For the past seven days, Crazy Faith Ministries has housed people who had nowhere to go after the motel closed.

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Twelve to fifteen people could sleep in the facility, while another ten people received help from volunteers.

“I would say the first 24 hours were a little chaotic,” Kainz said.

Kainz said her team bused people from the motel.

“It was getting IDs, getting birth certificates, it was going back to the motel to get a few things. It was getting clean clothes, it was getting transportation or a few bus passes. So every person was different, perhaps he took a visit to a social security office,” Kainz said.

While emergency shelters are now at a standstill, the work is far from over.

Kainz said they are still working to help half a dozen people find housing.

“A lot of them said they’re glad they see the silver lining in this, that it had to happen because the conditions were so bad that they’re glad they’re out. So we heard that from, I think, all of them” , Kainz said

The City of Pueblo said the owner of the Val U Stay Inn and Suites is currently working to bring the building up to code.

KRDO13 has reached out to the owner, but we have not heard back yet.