Whichever producer at TNT is responsible for putting a microphone on the NBA crowd should be thrown in prison for life

The microphone TNT used to mic the crowd might be the worst thing to happen to televised sports since the alternate camera angle from center court used during the NCAA Tournament (give us the angle we’re used to so we know if the ball has gone into the hoop), but with this new microphone you are essentially giving any group in the audience the opportunity to do an Open Mic Night. You hear the announcers in the booth and a random fan shouting loudly. Game 4 in Indy you heard a 10 year old kid screaming, Milwaukee Game 5 you heard inaudible drunken rumblings from Pabst drinkers, and tonight you hear this guy yelling about Lillard’s mother. Your mother always insults, but it’s a lazy joke.

I’m all for the hometown crowd getting into the opponent’s heads, but I don’t want to have to listen to it. I’m not the man in the arena. I’m a guy who sits on the couch and tries to chase away the bullshit of life for a few hours with the sport I love and the angelic voice and recordings of…Greg Anthony (give me Stan Van Gundy all day .) So whatever All Business Pete This TNT producer thought this was a great idea and should be shot into the sun, or at least scolded by Charles Barkley during TNT’s halftime show.

Hands up, Stu is right, the heckler roasted Bobby Portis’ ass with this…

I wonder if Doc Rivers still thinks Milwaukee is actually louder than Indiana? EASTER IN 6!!!!!!!!!!!!