Lucía Galán and Dalma Maradona are crucial for the first time: “You deeply believe that he has already done too much”

Dalma Maradona reveals her sensation through the experience with Lucia Galan (America)

There are more and more polemics and versions of your wine list with Diego Maradonathis is jueves Lucia Galan it is crucial for the first time with Dalma Maradona. There are many wonders and opinions, the astro-football experience and the relationship with Diez last a new program in the circle that leads British angel to the streaming Bondi.

“¿Con Dalma se habían cruzado alguna vez?”, after the conductor received his reaction to his farewell in the program. With algo de timidez, de cantante sostuvo: “Con Claudia sí, pero con Dalma nunca. Está todo bien”. Likewise, the mayor of football says: “Obviously, it’s one of the most important things that’s the biggest. There are no problems with the fact that we do not want to take revenge, nunca haría eso”.

While the cosas are one of the last programs, one of the protagonists remains his crucial sensations. The first time you hear the duo’s cantante Pimpinela, this dialogue with the equipment LAMB (America): “El encuentro fue muy bueno. You can have a lot of respect, a history that takes a long time to exist. I have a relationship with Claudia, because I have a lot of respect, it is not uncomfortable not to get into trouble and to come back as the hicimos.

Lucia Galan returns to Dalma Maradona (America)

Luego, the movement of the artist’s advice, where it is believed that there are rumors that the relationship with Maradona does not seem to produce while Diez ends up in an impasse with Claudia Villafañe. “It is a separate subject that has lasted many years, as you can do in other lives. If you have a different life experience, you can lose your history, your recuerdos, your moments, your life that is still happening now. Reply to your mindset lately. You believe that Ella (Dalma) is established, respectively profound and deep within, and it is more important that you complain about what you will achieve”.

Besides, the football news can no longer be part of your funeral. “Entendiste at a moment, what will be a funeral, which he decides on his person?”, consult the periodista. When there are conflicts and conflicts, Galán says: “You absolutely have to make all the decisions and take the moments of privacy, it is not that you want to do anything.”

After hearing the Dalma turno, an opinion emerges about our cruze with the cantante: “La mejor con ella. Nunca nos habíamos cruzado pero no sé, por la vida. Yo vengo a laborar, no censuro a nadie”.

Lucía Galán and Dalma Maradona have started working for the first time

The only way the cronista raises the question about Diez’s death is that Galán cannot help Maradona’s funeral: “There is a special child pedo who sees everything, and a child pedo is nuestro for the last time. Bueno, dos personas que no la dejamos entrar”.

“Rocío Oliva”, expressed in the periodista LAMB at the time Dalma was the second person: “You are a boga, you cannot name many people who are (Matías Morla). When you let yourself down, the people you don’t know are no longer seen. There is no problem when it comes to a list, but that is not the case”.

In this way, during the debate about Diego Maradona’s juice, the astro-football experiments and clarifying your good relationship. The wine between Lucía Galán and Maradona between 1982 and 1983, and the time the football player switched to FC Barcelona. During this period, the football star found himself in an impasse with Claudia Villafañe, with whom the reconciliation was achieved and the two of them: Dalma and Gianinna. Pero, once it is like this, he is very much in love with the Pimpinela. It is now no longer possible to disinfect.