Bronny James was likely going to the G-League regardless of draft position

As the son of basketball legend LeBron James, Bronny James has been in the spotlight as a rising star in the basketball world for quite some time. However, despite his pedigree, it appears that Bronny’s path to the NBA could involve a detour through the G-League regardless of where he ends up in the upcoming draft.

According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Bronny is expected to spend time competing in the G-League even if he is picked in the draft. This decision reflects a strategic approach to Bronny’s development as a player, prioritizing practical experience and growth over immediate NBA stardom.

Bronny’s recent stint at USC did not live up to the high expectations his family name had created. In his first season, he posted modest stats, averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game, with mediocre shooting percentages. Critics noted his limited impact on the field, suggesting that more time and development could benefit his game.

Despite the burden of his family legacy, Bronny is carving his own path in basketball. While comparisons to his father are inevitable, he brings his own strengths to the game, especially as a versatile shooter and playmaker.