Donald Trump says liberals ‘wanted’ him to overturn Roe v. Wade

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has accused liberals of wanting him to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying, “Everyone wanted this done!”

The former president is currently vying for a non-consecutive second presidential term and made a stop in Freeland, Michigan on May 1. The Make America Great Again founder claimed to the crowd that Democrats never worried about reproductive rights until it became a “political deal.”

The landmark law was overturned in 2022 under Trump’s presidency, following his appointment of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gosruch and Amy Coney Barrett.

Speaking about the overturning of Roe v. Wade – which meant that women and people with uteruses could no longer have the right to a safe and legal abortion up to the viability of the fetus in the US – Trump claimed: “Every legal scholar wanted this done would become. . Most Democrats wanted it, liberals wanted it.

“This was a while ago, but then they changed their mind, they looked at it as a political deal,” he claimed.

In true Trump fashion, the former president failed to produce receipts — with Gallup polls from 1975 actually showing that Democrats wanted abortion to be legal in all, or some, situations.

Last month, a CNN poll found that 65% of Americans disapproved of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, with similar results to polls from the past two years when Roe was first overturned.

Since the overthrow, fourteen states in the country have introduced near-total bans on abortion. Another two states, Georgia and South Carolina, have banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, according to The Guardian. For context, according to ANSIRH, one in three people discover they are pregnant after six weeks of pregnancy.

In January, Vice President Kamala Harris called out Trump for “bragging” about overturning the landmark law. She attended a stop in Wisconsin on January 22 during the Fight for reproductive freedoms tour celebrating the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, where she addressed its overturn.

US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during her Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour.  (Getty Images)
US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during her Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour. (Getty Images)

“The former president hand-picked three Supreme Court justices because he intended them to overturn Roe. His intention was for them to take away your freedoms, and it’s a decision he brags about,” Harris began.

She then asked how the former president could ever be “proud” that the law was overturned on his watch.

For abortion support in the US, visit Planned Parenthood here. Visit the NHS website for abortion support in Great Britain and Northern Ireland here. For abortion support in Ireland, which has been legal since March 2020, visit HSE here.