Byron Nelson embraces K-Food Wave during CJ Cup

CJ, a Korean food giant, has taken over as title sponsor of the Byron Nelson golf tournament, replacing AT&T. The tournament, which honors a legendary golfer known for his consistent swing, is now held at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney, Dallas. CJ has been involved in golf since 2017, sponsoring players like Sungjae Im and promoting his brand Bibigo, which offers Korean food products such as dumplings, seaweed snacks and kimchi. The company wants to expand its distribution network and introduce more products to restaurants in the US

The CJ Cup has undergone significant growth and elevation and now attracts a global audience thanks to its association with the PGA Tour. CJ’s partnership with the Byron Nelson Tournament provides a platform to promote its Korean food products on an international scale. KH Lee, a CJ ambassador, expressed his confidence and excitement about the tournament, which he has won in consecutive years. The event offers participants the opportunity to taste various Bibigo products and immerse themselves in Korean cuisine.

The increasing popularity of Korean food in the US has been a boon for Bibigo, with sales soaring in recent years and the brand becoming a leading player in the Asian snacks and appetizers market. Demand for Korean culture, including food, entertainment and movies, has increased globally, with platforms like Netflix investing billions in Korean content. CJ Foods has also sponsored the O-NE Superrace Championship and partnered with the LA Lakers, further expanding brand awareness.

For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, KH Lee recommends starting with mandu and moving on to gimbap, a Korean-style sushi roll. He has noticed a growing interest among his fellow golf professionals in Korean food and culture, with many eager to try Korean BBQ and other dishes. Lee expects Korean desserts such as Chal Oksusu ice cream and Tteokbokki spicy rice cakes to become popular in the US as consumers continue to discover new culinary experiences.

Overall, CJ’s sponsorship of the Byron Nelson tournament marks a new chapter in the event’s history, providing golf fans and visitors with a taste of Korean culture and cuisine. As Bibigo products continue to grow in popularity in the US, CJ aims to strengthen its presence in the market and continue to offer innovative and delicious Korean food options. As the tournament kicks off at TPC Craig Ranch, fans can look forward to not only world-class golf, but also a unique dining experience courtesy of CJ and Bibigo.