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The paper of a mother or a father is unpleasant and unacceptable because his people can go free and concentrate their energies on their propio-aprendizaje during their journey to their crecimiento. As an embargo, the people are no longer stable and the internal recursos are sufficient for their ancestors, because they can acquire an extremity and implausible trust in children and adolescents, which has the effect of creating a conocido-conocido parentification.

Start by describing the scientific review ScienceDirect In an article published in 2011, it becomes a fact that the responsibilities of our children are defined and this paper is issued for our fathers, gentlemen and other family expenses for the necessary expenses. A concept first developed in 1973 by US citizen Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, it was one of the well-known funds of the therapy world. This expert describes this as invoking the roles of the padre and hijo, and then, changing the natural process of child labor.

“The new times of crecimiento are a process of identical form of their propia and developing a set of competences that serve to understand the world and to handle one of the most adaptive forms of the form,” explains Unai Aso, psicólogo especialista en neuropsicology. For this expert, exposure to responsible adults for problems with a great emotional charge, such as economic problems, conflicts with children or graves, prevents the correct resolution of the menor. “If children do not have cognitive and emotional difficulties in processing these experiences, they may play a very important or frustrating role in the sense of inability to act and be responsible,” for example. Además, para Aso, who are experimental, will determine the forma-temprana and fast speed: “Y este desarrollo sesuele dar a costa de su propia salud mental”. The psychological problem that people can now change as adults is that it is difficult to identify and express their own needs and regular emotions, and that they have previously had the time of their lives, and that they are the crónico asociado that can have a major effect on the large square.

A studio published in July 2023 in el National Library of Medicine de Estados Unidos (NLM, por sus siglas en inglés), denominado Vulnerability, responsiveness, resilience and prosperity of parenthood, An allusion is made to the limits of the boundaries that are evident between the leaders and which have important implications for the moral and behavioral aspects of the menores. In this investigation, most of the congregations are involved in the reversal of roles, including: eradicating the leaders of one of our ancestors, mentally weakening the power of the leaders, the economic crisis, discouraging the disease, life of the world as familial dysfunction, as intrafamiliar violence. We conclude that the ancestors of humanity are parentalizations It may be that our people create a culture that is passed down through generations.

The point is that the cause is often more common in the parents, who (you sea through separation or incarnation), become mentally and discacid of the ancestors. Because embargo, and as a result, the padres suels exhibit their emotional dependence, they can consult and validate us in their hijos, making these decisions and resolving their conflicts: “It is adults who face problems with the emocional regulations You have to do with establishing boundaries, self-esteem, emotional feelings, tendency to dismiss and denial of adult responsibilities and in other cases, personal problems”.

Are there any known tips of ‘parentificación’?

The research into NML has hints at some tips parentification and more municipalities, and the following matters:

  • Parentification instrumental. In these cases, children may in practice be responsible for the hermanos and other parents who cannot help one of the leaders. People, when it comes to household issues, are similar to comparing the facts and offering different rates from the hogar.
  • Parentification emotional. This implies that a small emotional event is one of our padres. That means protecting a chaplain, who has your problems and relationships of trust, who stand between a chaplain and another family member, who serve with trust or an emocional consuelo emocional en apoyo apoyo a los padres, in general. “This can be an adaptive function, especially if the process is perceived as fair and complicated over short periods of time, when it comes to the development of empathy, positive relationships with hermanos and the use of the habilitation equipment. Competencies as a solution to problems or capabilities to take responsibility,” Aso points out.

Ultimately, there exist cases where that happens parentification it’s inevitable. “Como en familias en contextos socio-economic difficulties or extraordinary circumstances”, subraya Aso. For psychological health, it is vital that one first experiences obtaining an external apoyo, your sea in the extension of your family, in the professionals of community health: “The goal is as little as possible the load of the niño and can recommend a espacio para que your physical and psychological problems are the result of opposite circumstances”.

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