‘I’m Going to Keep Him Around’: Mahomes reaffirms commitment to keeping Travis Kelce as Chiefs’ center after record-breaking contract extension

Leaders fans know one truth: being part of the Chiefs Kingdom means more than just cheering for laundry. With millions of season ticket holders, this team is about being a community. And at the core lies an unbreakable bond between each other Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce that goes beyond just football – Mahomes’ recent revelation once again speaks it all!

Kelce’s recent two-year, $34.25 million contract extension solidifies his status as the NFL’s highest-paid tight end. The move signifies the Chiefs’ resolute commitment to maintaining the formidable attacking tandem as they relentlessly pursue an unprecedented three-peat triumph. The 28-year-old attacking maestro unequivocally confirmed on the IMPAULSIVE podcast: “I will definitely keep him for a few more years.”

This reflected his initial response days ago on X (formerly Twitter) with a message that resonated with Chiefs fans around the world: “I told you I will never let him leave again!! Congratulations my guy! @tkelce.”


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Indeed, the Mahomes-Kelce connection extends far beyond the boundaries of the football field. “He looks a bit like me,” Mahomes joked: “He’s friends with all his boys he grew up with, I’m friends with all my boys I grew up with and we’ve all kind of become one big group of friends.”

This unbreakable camaraderie, this sense of brotherhood, is what has made the Chiefs’ offensive juggernaut so formidable. Mahomes marveled at Kelce’s intelligence and talent for being open, noting that despite his party-loving personality, “He is really super intelligent and so he steps onto the football field and opens up”

The Chiefs’ reign continues, powered by Kelce’s stunning performances and deep football acumen. Three consecutive Super Bowl victories in five seasons cement the team’s dynasty, a juggernaut written for the NFL’s storied chronicles. And with Kelce’s groundbreaking contract extension, the Chiefs have signaled their commitment


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Patrick Mahomes just knows where Kelce will be!

In the cutthroat world of professional football, where careers can be ended in the blink of an eye, Travis Kelce’s journey to becoming the highest-paid tight end in the league is a testament to resilience and an unwavering commitment to greatness. Chiefs GM Brett Veach acknowledged to reporters: “It is difficult to put into words what Travis means to this organization and to this city. He was certainly a priority in reworking his contract for us and it was something that was important to Clark Hunt. So fitting that Travis is now the highest paid tight end in these two years.

USA Today via Reuters

Kelce’s record-breaking contract, which eclipses the annual salaries of elite tight ends like Darren Waller ($17 million), TJ Hockenson ($16.5 million) and George Kittle ($15 million), is a recognition of his invaluable contributions to the dynasty of the Chiefs. .


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But as Mahomes confirmed on the podcast, Kelce’s value extends far beyond the stats.“I just know where he’s going to be at the same time.” Travis’ ability to find the weak spots in the defense and make himself a reliable target in the most chaotic situations has endeared him not only to Mahomes, but also to a legion of Chiefs fans who regard him as a living legend have come to regard. . And while Kelce’s regular-season numbers may have dipped slightly in 2023 — 93 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns — he stepped up when it mattered most, with 355 yards and three touchdowns in the playoffs, cementing his status as a clutch artist.