Current Joys plays ‘CIGARETTES’ and ‘I feel Truth inside of you’ Live From Happy

Fresh from its debut Australian tour, Current Joys comes along Cheerful for a rendition of his songs ‘CIGARETTES’ and ‘I feel Truth inside of you’.

Having recently completed his first-ever tour of Australia, it’s hard not to feel like Current Joys is on the cusp of his breakthrough moment.

The LA-based artist, known offstage as Nick Rattigan, played debut dates in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney last month, treating audiences to the eclectic bedroom pop that underpins his latest album, ‘LOVE + POP’.

That project, which marked Current Joys’ tenth release in as many years, featured collaborations with the likes of Lil Yachty, Slow Hollows and YOUR ANGEL, but it’s the solo tracks ‘CIGARETTES’ and ‘I feel reality inside of you’ that are turning heads .

Those songs, filled with wild ambition, slinky hooks and kaleidoscopic production, are emblematic of Current Joys’ broader artistry and justify his place as a beloved figure in the underground pop scene.

‘LOVE + POP’ was just a precursor to the greatness to come, with Current Joys dropping its follow-up ‘LOVE + POP Pt2’ last month and set to release a third project later this year.

In the meantime, Current Joys came along for a Live from Happy rendition of “CIGARETTES” and “I feel Truth inside of you.”

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