Air India Airlines Tries To Reduce Debt By Cutting Baggage Allowance

Air India has updated its baggage policy for domestic flights. Reducing baggage allowance to a maximum of 35 kg, which previously used to be 40 kg. These changes are effective as of May 2.

With effect from May 2, 2024, Air India has revised its baggage policies on its website. As per market and regulatory requirements, the baggage allowance on the newly issued tickets will be lowered to 15 kg.

Tickets issued prior to May 2, 2024, will continue to be valid under the same conditions. The good news is that, unlike IndiGo, which only allows for one bag and 15 kg of luggage, multiple bags will be accepted under the baggage allowance.

Changes in baggage policy.

Economy Comfort (S, T, U, and L fare classes): 15 kg of luggage allowed (previously 20 kg).
Economy Comfort Plus (G, W, V, Q, and K fare classes): 15 kg of luggage allowed (previously 25 kg).
Economy Flex (fares classes H, M, B, and Y): baggage allowance of 25 kg (same as earlier)
The baggage allowance for Business Comfort Plus (Z, J fare class) is 25 kg, as opposed to the previous 35 kg.
Business Flex (D and C fare classes): baggage allowance of 35 kg (previously 40 kg)

The airline operated under the Tata Group for the first time during the fiscal year 2023 after being acquired by the company in January 2022. After write-offs and exceptional items were taken into account, the FY23 losses of Rs 11,381 crore were 18.6% higher than the FY22 losses of Rs 9,591 crore.

This will be one of the changes that strengthens the health of their balance sheet. weight of aircraft is important for fuel efficiency. This change in baggage policy, in turn, will help Air India keep air fares steady, way out of their negative numbers.

Published on: Friday, May 03, 2024, 09:49 AM IST