It wasn’t easy: Tirau – FBC News

Xavier College Head Boy, Penisoni Tirau, says he now has his sights set on Oceania Athletics next month.

Tirau, who also has an impressive football background, jumped 6.89m in the senior long jump to win the gold medal.

Tirau admits that preparing for this athletics competition was not easy for him, but he now believes it was all worth it.

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He adds that he sometimes had to make difficult decisions about which sport to participate in.

“It was very hard to prepare for this: four sessions a day. I do three sessions at school and one when I attend Ba FC training in the afternoon from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and get home around 9:00 PM because I live far from where I train. One of the challenges I face is that my football matches overlap with my athletics competition, so I sometimes have to choose”

Tirau now shifts his focus to his next task, which is to try and win a gold medal at the Oceania Athletics Competition in Suva next month.