Eternal time of Senna with Argentina: karting skills, a podium with Reutemann, your idilio with Fangio and a visit to the Buenos Aires autodromo

Ayrton Senna died in the autodromo of Buenos Aires, in 1993. Junto and he, Felipe McGough (@fmcgough)

This media slide from November 1993, Ayrton Senna class at Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza. My private flight has started and I am going to Brazil for my holiday in Angra dos Reis. I think it is a special enthusiasm to enjoy the conocido el Autodromo de Buenos Aires Oscar and Juan Gálvez. If you visit the escenario which will be repeated in October this year, the original is for the first round of Formula 1 in Argentina (the concrete was laid in April 1995). It is not possible to read the question again. It was an accident at Imola, on May 1, 1994. The Argentinians can no longer go to Máxima. And the brasileo story is about a new era, connecting you with your comienzos in automobility.

You are in karting Senna with Argentinian friends. The first time it’s happened, it’s not good Marcelo Garcia Lobelosyour cubrió la specialidad para CORSA. When it was founded in 1977 in the South American country of San José (Uruguay). Ayrton, who had started at the age of seventeen (after 21/03/1960), also had to see its distribution and publish his notes in the first person. Valoró during the study in 1991, the tricampe of the F1 and when the greatest driver of the planet was invited to the inauguration of the kartódromo in San Pablo.

This is one of the most popular American tornadoes near Sanjuanino Hendrik Martijn and the porteño Gustavo Der Ohanessian. While breathing, you can compare your customers with the elements used by the paulista of the use. Ayrton, if you have all our sponsors, it is necessary to get sold in your comienzos. Fueron tiempos de sus únicas carreras en la Argentina. Primero in San Juan, from April 6 to 8, 1979. I realized the certificates at the Kartódromo of El Zonda. Senna fue subcampeón detras des compatriots Deccio Bellini.

And Charla Con Infobae, Der Ohanessian records an anecdote of another visit to Senna. “Estabamos in Fabric or Panther, that era of the chassis with the right situation. También was founded by Henry (Martin) and his father, Pocho. You are 14/15 years old. And Roberto Brea, the man of the fabric, said ‘Gus, go to the car and go to Ayrton and Ezeiza by car. If you are halfway, you should take a taxi and go to the hotel if you are aware of your opinion, you may end up going all the way ”.

Ayrton Senna was part of the Karting Sudamericano 1979 in San Juan. This is the case with Gustavo Der Ohanessian

In 1981 he was invited by la Cordobesa de Karting Association, that an international event will be organized for the Senior category in the local situation of Saldan on November 14 and 15. Desertó en la primera y tercera carrera. If there is an embargo, the second part of the time remains. The total of the time results in an octavo in the overall classification.

Fue en Inglaterra is one of the Argentinian dishes. During this period his father-father was also used by “Ayrton da Silva”. First generate a good wine with Enrique Mansilla, one of the things you encounter on the podium and Formula Ford Británica. In a carrera in Mallory Park in 1981, Brazilian life went to the beach and was performed with an impidieron that it was a manos.

Other compatriots certainly are Victor Ruben Rosso, with a comparison in 1982 in Formula Ford 2,000. Fue muy bueno el trato entre ambos. The country that ended up on the islands of the Guerra de Malvinas can get into the family and contact him. Volvieron a verse in a carrera of the Fórmula 3 Alemana at the Nürburgring in 1985. In 1993, Senna started with victory at Suzuka, at the Japanese Gran Premio (his last victory in F1).

In Great Brittany, Senna corrió en fue-campeón of the Fórmula Ford 1,600 in 1981, Fórmula Ford 2,000 in 1982 and in the Fórmula 3 in 1983. Luego debuted in the Máxima in 1984 and its history is much conocida: three world titles with McLaren (1988, 1990 and 1991), 41 victories, 65 pole positions (record by Michael Schumacher in 2006) and 19 competition records.

Ayrton Senna and Enrique Mansilla compete in Formula Ford Británica (Enrique Mansilla).

While contesting his temporary debut in F1, Ayrton was invited by Mercedes Benz for a promotion of model 190 E 2.3-16. Competition of 20 F1 pilots, between ex-corredores and others who are active. Hit the chic circuit at the Nürburgring. During 12 matches, Senna became a competence. In the podio lo escoltaron Niki Lauda j Carlos Alberto Reutemann.

And that’s an Argentinian man who is Marco en Fue Juan Manuel Fangio. It seems that Chueco is the greatest historical pilot. Nowadays you can go to a circuit that has the F1 mantuvieron-charlas. Y fue in Brasil, in 1993, while experiencing an emotional emotion. If the three, the Fivefold is the winner of the trophy, Senna is broken and has given “one 1” all these years.

During the entire period that your car is used, it has been longer and longer. Pero por sobre todo est un grand hombre”, Ayrton looks at the headset. Once in Brazil it could happen with Fangio in Buenos Aires. Between 1991 and 1993, Senna completed the F1 season in Australia and a transpolar race in Argentina through events organized by Marlboro (of McLaren’s main sponsor). Pero también vino porque le gustaba nuestro país.

The reunion of the last century in 1991 and our compartidos stories. There is some indication that this is the case “está muy bien el joven. There are many conditions, many conditions. The greatest part of a great pilot is a great señor and that is why it is more important”. Senna does not have to worry and ensure that “it can be a big part of Fangio having moments in my car. It’s a big concern for me, influence and admiration. It is the pilot who wins the world title.” It is a guiño to live its second life. “One of the many Argentine friends and ours, in the future, the great premiums of F1 that have returned in Argentina, ensure that the Argentine enthusiasts are tens for the cars, the great mayor of Brazil. If we’re right, we’ll move on to the return of F1 in Buenos Aires”.

Encuentro between Ayrton Senna and Juan Manuel Fangio in 1991

If you visit in the new year, other compatriots who do a lot with their colleagues Felipe McGoughone of the main people responsible for F1’s comeback from 1995 to 1998. It is one of the Argentinians who takes more account of Máxima’s environment. Infobae there are many stories about Senna. Entre ellas, your visit to the autodromo of Buenos Aires.

“Lo conocí en Inglaterra, cuando corrió con ‘Quique’ Mansilla en ‘Bichín’ Rosso. Pero al principio era uno más. You can have a nice relationship in the latter part of your career. While camping in 1991, he was invited to the inauguration of his kartódromo. There is a tipo muy sencillo. The encantaba of Argentina now has a lot of motorism in Brazil. See a transpolar trip to Australia to visit this country now”.

“Cuando vino in 1991 was an entrepreneur with Fernando Tornello and it’s nice to be together with Fangio again. It is important that you do this. Ayrton, siempre que pudo, quiso verlo a Juan”.

“In 1992, when we came from Australia, a bus went to Ezeiza to make the tramites disappear. If you take notes in the VIP salon of the plane, a large program for nuestro programs in Telefe (transmission of the F1 carreras in the país), and also the ‘Lanchita’ Bissio for VideoMatch, who would like to thank you. The result is that Ayrton got his passport and the migration character that I miss ‘the first page’. Vuelvo caminando y Senna me miraba de reojo. I am like that, I am because of the hijo of… de Berger (Gerhard), who noticed me before going into hiding in aviation in Australia. If you have a broma. There is no problem for me to start in Brazil.” I have migrated and with my misma personality and the trickster ‘for the favor, déjenlo pasar ¡Es Ayrton Senna!’ I replied ‘sí, ya sé es es Senna… Está bien, que pase, pero váyanse de acá’. Zafamos y pudimos entrevistarlo”.

Junto a Ayrton Senna in the era of Formula Ford 2000 and 1982 (CORSA Archives)

“In 1993 we visited the impulsive region of Marlboro, including a conference. There are more anecdotes about staying at the Four Seasons, the mismo hotel got this hotel Michael Jackson. Ayrton me dijo ‘quiero conocer a Michael ¿me podés ayudar?’ Yo conocía a Hector Cavallero and hablamos. The producer who plays Jackson has no time to concoct Senna. Hubiera has become a big part.”

“Hubo performed on the Brazilian stage in 1993, when he greeted the Fangio, he turned his gorra around the agarro Juan Fossaroli (cronista in F1’s GGPP), which is a snapshot of the camarography. La manoteó y se la quedó. Luego cuando Senna vino a nuestro país ese año se la firmó. Ayrton sings the voice of this gorra en broma le dijo se la devolviera”. The Colega Fossaroli kept getting into a mud bath in 2009…

“In 1993, discussions were held with conversaciones Bernie Ecclestone para hacer la carrera en la Argentina. Marlboro is the main sponsor and is trying to coordinate the topic to help Ayrton at the Buenos Aires autodromo. The idea was used at Circuito 15 (this was used at 6 for an industry theme), when F1 started in the year 1981 and started in 1981. Much was gained from this era and the ‘Lole’ Reutemann. Dimos a vuelta por ese trazado en le encantó. Imagine thinking you’ll probably end up in Argentina. If you want to use an Ezeiza. If it’s okay, Martin Salaverry hijo (and his father is also responsible for the private administration of the car company) I want to take a photo at the moment it is lost. There is a special statue that is the única that Senna put in the autodromo”.

An offer, Viviane Sennayour hermana, in an entrepreneur with CORSA in 2018, aseguró que “Ayrton hubiera querido correr en la Argentina. There is a time when the lover of everyone has a huge cariño for the country”.

When Ayrton went on holiday in November 1993, he could imagine himself working in Buenos Aires. There is no fuel available during F1 at the autodromo. It was not until April 9, 1995 that his life began a year ago and the decline of Máxima on April 9, 1995. During this period, the pilots were classified as one of the most popular, but tomaron ranged from recaudos to flying on the slopes. There comes a time when you have to live a new life and start pista mojada. Pero el estuvo presente. Alguien dijo “As Senna estaría with vida, hubiera sido el primero en salir a girar”. Your era is a sin fronteras. Your love for the Argentinians is a lifetime ago with a bond with a dedicated devotion “Ayrton: in Argentina, the question is actually what Fangio and Reutemann are”.