Flexispot E7L L-shaped adjustable standing desk review

Desktop space is a common request from gamers who work and game in one place, but when you’re working with limited space or an awkward corner, expansion isn’t always easy. That’s where an L-shaped desk comes in, like this Flexispot E7L Pro, which I found easy enough to set up and cram into a corner for a major upgrade.

The Flexispot E7L Pro is a motorized sit/stand desk, with three motorized legs that can support up to 150 kg, including whatever desktop you screw into it. That’s the thing: you can buy a desktop from Flexispot for $90/£200, or you can bring your own desktop to mount on the three-legged frame, which costs $550/£370. For this reason, the exact size of the desk is variable, but the frame is made for this, which will become clear during construction.