Cardi B Accused of Ordering Akbar V Beatdown, GloRilla Joins the Battle

Cardi B is accused of ordering an attack on Akbar V, much to GloRilla’s amusement.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta The star was enjoying a night out in New York City on Monday (April 29) when she was reportedly “hit from behind several times by a woman before falling to the ground.”

The woman who attacked Akbar is reportedly a close friend of Cardi’s best friend Star Brim and is followed by the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper on Instagram.

Akbar commented on the incident: write on X (formerly Twitter): “Yeah tell her blood big Hommie, she pussy cause she got a butt and ran to the nearest exit and by the block that got hit is disrespected, y’all send the neighborhood crackhead (ninja- emoji).”

She included a screenshot video of her alleged attacker and denounced Cardi’s relationship with the woman.

“And look at this grandma face looking slow, whoa here. Bch lol y’all hoes are ugly cause I know it was Cardi that sent this little dirty bum washed up ho (six crying laughter emojis) didn’t even buy the ho some shoes that the bitch had on sketchers Llh,” she said added.

GloRilla joined the fray by retweeting a video of the attack and jokingly asking, “Did the girl have shell toes?”

Akbar didn’t take kindly to Glo’s post and hit back, “Bitch your head looks like it’s gonna pop your slow looking lizard ass hoe @GloTheofficial.”

She also commented on Gloss Up, laughing at the images, writing: “(six crying laughter emojis) you laughing, I can’t wait to knock the black one off you.”

Watch a recap of the messy encounter below.

Cardi B has yet to address the allegations, but this wouldn’t be the first time her feud with Akbar V has exploded.

after their simmering beef culminated in all-out war in 2022.

In 2022, the pair exchanged subliminal shots on social media before things spiraled into a messy and heated argument that Cardi’s husband, Offset, was also dragged into.

Nicki Minaj and Young Thug’s names also came up during the argument, along with Akbar’s children and the late mother, her leaked sex tape and Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina.

The drama started when Akbar appeared to subliminally disapprove of the Bronx superstar after celebrating her new video ‘Tomorrow 2’ in which GloRilla reached six million YouTube views in three days.

“If @chartdata doesn’t say it, we don’t believe CAP,” the Atlanta resident tweeted.

Cardi fired back with a series of subliminals of her own, to write: “Count all the times map data has posted you” and “I don’t really like internet games… My dms is open and so is the street!”

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City Girls’ JT Appears to Take Shots at Cardi B on Hard-Ass New Song ‘Okay’

From there, things got more direct when Akbar posted screenshots of a text conversation with Cardi, who had reached out to her asking to speak over the phone.

Cardi was stunned by the screenshots, tweet: “If we said what we said on the phone, why would we keep texting? These all these bitches want…INTERNET SHOWS..I’m done.’

Despite an attempt to resolve things privately, the feud continued to play out online for all to see – and soon Cardi B’s bitter rival Nicki Minaj was thrown into the mix.

“Bitch talking about she can change my life,” Akbar tweeted. “ho @NICKIMINAJ change my life. I’m on a tape you produced and didn’t know you produced it and still showed love to your dog face cause we were cordial and you don’t take me number 1 so if you could I won’t change my life with that, you can’t do it now.”

She added: “@NICKIMINAJ is the #QueenOfRap and @iamcardib you are the farmer ho..”

After Cardi B called her out for using “another woman as a shield,” she made the issue personal by accusing Akbar of being a bad parent.

“I’ve been taking care of kids… since the day they came out of my pussy,” she tweeted.