From the Archives: Tribute to graduating senior editors

For the final issue of the spring 2024 semester, The Kansas State Collegian would like to honor its graduating senior editors by spotlighting them and their favorite work at the newspaper.

Editors, thank you. Congratulations on graduating, connecting our community, and finding time to publish the truth amid the college chaos. You have made us proud and we are honored to carry your dedication to journalism throughout the newspaper’s history. We are excited to see the great things you are accomplishing as college and collegiate alumni.

Luke Lazarczyk: Sports Editor

Luke Lazarczyk worked for The Collegian Media Group for all four years of his college experience. He wrote for The Collegian for two and a half years and worked as a sports editor for two and a half years.

Lazarczyk said his favorite story he wrote is: “Joy, excitement and relief: K-State’s selection show, watch celebration and journey forward” from March 19, 2024.

“The whole season and story of K-State women’s basketball was cool to experience up close,” Lazarczyk said. “Covering the Selection Show viewing party and writing the story about the team that earned a top 4 seed to host two March Madness games felt rewarding for myself and the team. It was a hype.”

During his time at The Collegian, Lazarczyk attended the Pop-Tart Bowl to cover the K-State Football team, which became his favorite memory with the publication.

“While I’ve had great times with a lot of people, nothing can top the Pop-Tart Bowl,” Lazarczyk said. “The whole event was unique and amazing. Still, the people I interacted with and worked with made it even more special.”

Lazarczyk said he is grateful for his time at The Collegian, but more importantly, he is grateful for the people he has worked with.

“To my CMG members over the years, I just want to say thank you,” Lazarczyk said. “The Collegian and CMG have brought me a great collection of great friends and people I truly care about. I hope the staff continues to make these connections and remember to create a positive work environment where everyone is heard, cared for and valued.”

Cole Deutschendorf: Head of Page Design

Cole Deutschendorf worked for The Collegian for a year as head of page design. During his time here, he said his favorite front page design was either issue 21, with a story about the K-State Rodeo and Weber Arena, or issue 23, with a story about the SGA president vetoing a bill that would compensate student senators. .

“The rodeo page was fun because we used a different font,” Deutschendorf said. “My process for choosing fonts is simple, I just look for commercial use fonts that look ‘tuff’ and this one just happened to fit the story and the page perfectly.”

Deutschendorf said his latest production workshop on Thursday was one of his best experiences.

“My favorite collegian memory is probably the last night I was there for the full production night,” Deutschendorf said. “Getting B-Dubs… and being absolutely blessed by the workers, and then just enjoying the last night together as a team.”

Deutschendorf said his time at the newspaper was an honor.

“All the long nights we spent at Kedzie were made worth it by seeing the need we filled every Friday morning to inform and educate the student population and beyond,” Deutschendorf said.

Gwyneth Davidson: Marketing and PR Manager

Gwyneth Davidson worked at The Collegian for two years and was marketing and PR manager for eight months.

Davidson said her favorite stories she worked on remain “Ahearn Field House: Just with a New Look” from December 2, 2022 or “Enjoying Creativity: First Annual MAC & Cheese Arts & Music Festival” dated March 28, 2024.

“My favorite part of the Ahearn story was being able to talk to members of the Kansas State community about how this would impact their afternoon basketball tradition, which has been going on since the 1970s,” Davidson said. “I went to their basketball game and talked to them and listened to all their stories about how much afternoon basketball meant to them. It was super personal and showed the other side of losing certain spaces in Ahearn.”

Davidson said The Collegian influenced her through networking and educational opportunities.

“My favorite collegian memory was going to New York for the CMA conference,” Davidson said. “It was very inspiring to hear guest speakers such as New York Times editor-in-chief Marc Lacey. I also met other students interested in journalism and mass communication.”

Davidson’s final advice to K-State students, aspiring journalists and Collegian members is to step outside their comfort zone.

“Find the story within the story,” Davidson said. “Don’t be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions.”

Carter Schaffer: editor-in-chief

Carter Schaffer worked for The Collegian for two and a half years and as editor-in-chief for two years.

During his time here, Schaffer said his favorite story he ever wrote was:Ian Punnett, professor and Wildcat 91.9 advisor, dies at 63” dated December 23, 2023.

“Ian Punnett was a dear friend to me and everyone in journalism at K-State, and I was deeply honored to write this for the community and to talk to those whose lives were so touched by Ian,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer said coverage of the protests surrounding Nae’Qwan Tomlin was also meaningful to him.

“When the Nae’Qwan Tomlin protest happened last semester, I really enjoyed getting out into the field and covering it with my team,” said Schaffer.

Schaffer said he is grateful for everything The Collegian has done for him and the people around him.

“Collegian has given me so many memories and opportunities, and without him I wouldn’t be in the position or have the friends,” Schaffer said. “It has been my greatest joy to see those around me grow into stronger journalists and people over the past two years. Do everything for love and do everything you can in your short time at K-State.