Helldivers 2’s new stealth armor doesn’t really improve stealth

Helldivers 2 releases new armor as part of the Polar Patriots Warbond Pack, with one item mentioned for its stealth-focused description despite not actually containing any stealth bonuses.

Helldivers 2 includes a variety of different types of armor, allowing players to base their moment-to-moment gameplay around their equipment.

However, those who prefer to fight their way through combat are left “salty” after discovering a new armor set, despite claiming to be stealth-oriented, but in reality they are not.

The item in question, the CW-36 Winter Armor, will arrive in Helldivers 2 on May 9 as part of the Polar Patriots Warbond Pack. As the name suggests, all items in the new range are aimed at winter. Though one keen-eyed Helldivers player noted that despite the Winter Armor’s description suggesting it’s built for stealth, the item doesn’t provide any bonuses to actually aid in the combat style.

On Reddit, a Helldivers 2 player shared the description of the CW-36 Winter Amor, which reads as follows.

“Immerse yourself in snowy environments with perfect camouflage. The enemy will never see you coming until it is far too late. Ah, the sweet smell of stealth.

Instead of providing some sort of stealth boost as the description explicitly states, the armor instead provides the servo-assisted passive bonus. This increases casting range by 30% and provides 50% more limb health.

The original poster captioned the thread: ‘The new armor set is a stealth armor that doesn’t make you stealthy, but lets you throw it further. That’s like an apple that tastes like bacon.”

They then explained that they were “salty” because of the misleading name and description. Further adding that they have been “waiting for this armor since it leaked just because it would have the one benefit that I consider completely useless.”

Other players were quick to chime in and share similar sentiments as the OP. A Helldivers fan commented: “Not surprising. I’m pretty sure the one with the passive scout is the blue-orange one, the one that doesn’t blend in with the snow!”

Another added: “I have to admit I pretty much support most of the decisions AH makes, but passive armor isn’t one of them. I really wish we had more variety with this and not just reused old effects, or used effects that actually make sense for the armor.

Currently, the armor you choose to equip in Helldivers 2 includes three stats. Armor, speed and stamina recovery, as well as a passive armor that provided additional buffs. These factors are determined by the weight of the suit.